Dolomyths Skyrace

This weekend was my first ever Dolomyths Skyrun (Dolomiten Skyrace)  in Canazei.

First was the Dolomyths Vertical race in Alba, 2,6km with 1000m climb. I have never ran a steeper uphill in my life and it was brutal. I legs did not feel so good in the start but and I couldn’t push over threshold. But I felt better during the last 200m of climbing and manage to finnish 8th. Won the race did my Italian  team mate from Salomon Davide Magini.

The Dolomiten Skyrace is one of the most classic races of skyrunning. The race starts in the center of Canazei and the course is 23km with a total elevation of 1760m. It’s one long climb to to the highest point at Piz Boe at 3155m then down the steep and technical downhill back to Canazei.

My legs felt much better during the skyrace then the VK two days before and I was 5th on the top of Piz Boe together with the Pascal Egli from Switzerland. Then in the downhill my legs where shaky, my vision blurred and suddenly I fell on the hard rocks. I saw Pascal fly down the trail and I tried to catch up but I was scared to fall again and I hade to take my pace to not injure myself. I didn’t feel tired but the technical downhill got the better of me and 4 more guys passed me before I came down to the Finnish in Canazei. But in the end It was a terrific weekend in Canazei and even though the result was not as I had expected. I’m glad that my body was good a big part of the race and for next year a have to improve my downhill skills. 

Congrats to my Team Mates Stian Angermund Vik, Stian Aarvik, Laura Ourge and Sanna Elkott!

Also thanks to Team Salomon for all the suport during Dolomyths Run! 

Link to Dolomyths Website

Photos: Philip Reiter