Coma Pedrosa Skyrace

Last week I was in Arinsal Andorra for the Coma Pedrosa Skyrace. It was my first time in the country and in the Pyrenees and I really liked the small towns in the valley between the high mountains. I stayed with my friend Laura from Team Salomon. We went to Arinsal in Andorra where she lives with her boyfriend right after Canazei. So the week before the Skyrace we just took it really easy, hiked in the mountains, ate good food and she showed me around in Andorra. After a couple of days my body started to feel much better and I did some roller skiing, I checked the course together with Philip Reiter, Sanna and Lina and some intervalls. The day before the race we went for a small run, me Philip, Kilian and Pascal Egli. 

Coma Pedrosa Skyrace starts in Arinsal and the race is 21K with 2300m of elevation. Its two big climbs where on the second you go up to the highest peak of Andorra, Coma Pedrosa (2946). After that it’s a long down hill down again the Arinsal.

I felt super good on the race day and I was in the lead together with Kilian on first summit after 1500m of elevation.  I followed him in the downhill and still felt really good and then suddenly I slipped in the gras and hit my head against a rock. The blood flooded and Kilian followed me down slowly to the aid station before the sound climb. Kilian stayed for a minute to make sure that I was alright but I didn’t feel disy or ill. Pascal and Finally Wild from GBR had by that time cashed up and started on the second climb together with Kilian. The medic checked my wound and I started the climb  a minute later the others. I still felt pretty good and passed  Finally on the way to the summit and had 90 seconds up to Pascal and 3 minutes to Kilian. Then on the decent to the finish in Arinsal I lost a minute to Pascal but managed to keep Finally behind me.

I was totally exhausted in the finish area and after some photos, hugs and many congratulation a doctor checked my wound and gave me 2 stitches.

I’m rally happy with my performance and 3rd place but more, I’m super excited that I finally got to race with Kilian. It has been my dream ever since I started to follow Skyrunning and the way we did this race together ment more to me than I could ever imagine. So thanks Kilian for all the inspiration you have given me so far and hope we go on more races together soon.

Thanks to Laura and Ferran and Biel Rafos for letting me stay with them. To Philip Reiter for the betifull photos,  Albert Jorquera, Skyrunning and of course the awesome twins Sanna and Lina who was 1st and 3rd in the race!!

After Coma Pedrosa, I’m now the overall leader of Skyrunning World Series and 3rd in Sky Classic Series. It’s just bananas!


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Article and pictures Ian Corless