Peak Performance Vertical K

After a long day of travel from Andorra I finally arrived to Åre after over 2 months of traveling, racing and training camps. 

A lot has happened the last 9 weeks and it will probably take some time to absorb it all. But right now I’m living my dream and want to stay in the moment and just be in the flow.

The day after Skyrace Coma Pedrosa I traveled back to Åre. On the airport I could barely walk. My legs hurt like hell and I had big blisters under my foots. So I thought that racing Peak Performance Vertical K the day after would be impossible. I arrived to Åre late on monday night and decided that I would take my final decision a couple of hours before the start. On tuesday morning my body felt better but still really bad. My legs were swollen from the flight and cramping all over. I relaxed as much as I could, went to the hospital to get my head checked after my crash in Andorra and ate some good food. Somehow the body recovered really fast and after a small run 3h before start I decided to give PP Vertical a try.

I was happy that my legs felt good enough to race and curious about how my body and mind would respond to run a VK, just two days after a Skyrace and long travel.

In the start my legs felt OK, not great but I could push hard the first half of the race and I was in the lead before Hayden Hawks to 700m. 

Then my stomach totally crashed and I could barely run. I tried to stay calm but Hayden run past me and got a big gap. I ran/walked slowly and then my stomach felt better and I could finish good the last 200m. 

It was really mentally tough but I’m really happy that I manage to race in PP Vertical this year. Congrats to Hayden Hawks, Hoka OneOne for the victory and thanks to everyone who was cheering us on to the top!

I must also say thank you for all the nice messages I hav got lately, It means so much for me!

See you on the trail!!