Back home


This summer has been really special in a lot of ways. First, I think I have never traveled so much ever and done some of the toughest competitions and training camps in my life. But it has been so much fun and I have seen a lot of new places, gotten to know some really inspiring people from all over the world and discovered new things about myself and what the body is capable of. 

The training has been going well and full focus on what I need to improve.  I thought that it would be tough to balance the Skyraces with all the training and camps for the ski season but so far my plan have worked well! All the races has given me so much energy and I have evolved both as a runner and as a runner thanks to that. It has been great to have have a almost daily dialog with Magnar, Mattias and Johan Olsson to get advice and guidens.

I haven't been home much and the travel can be a bit tiering sometimes, specially when the flights is delayed or cancelled. But in the end it has been worth it and all this experience is means so much for me.

So I have been home in Åre now for 10 days now. I took some day off from training after our camp with the national team in Östersund but this week has been quite tough. I also did som work for Åre Guiderna as a guide where we showed over 10 people up to the summit of Åreskutan. Tomorrow I travel to Toblach in Italy for another training camp with Ski team Sweden! It's going to be great and really looking forward to be back in the mountains.