Dobbiaco with Ski Team Sweden

Hello from Dobbiaco, Italy.

Last monday we arrived to the mighty Dolomites for another traning camp with the swedish national team.

I came into the camp very motivated and so far the camp has been going good. It's such a nice environment and perfect conditions to only focus on traing and recoverty. 

So far we have been running a lot in the mountains, a sprint on the roller ski track and 6x10min Älghufs thresholds up Mount Elmo. 

We have another 5 days here in Toblach before we head home to Sweden. Today, monday we will be joined by the ladies team.

This weekend was also the Skyrunning world Championship in Clencoe Scottland. It was really hard to follow the race and not be able to participate. But there is always another year to go to the world champs.

 I'm really happy for my team mates Kilian, Remi Bonnet, Stian Angermund-Vik Laura Ourge, Fanny and not at least Tove Alexandersson, Lina and Sanna El Kott and André Jonsson who all did so great!

Big Congrats to you all!