Limone Skyrace – World Cup Finals

What a season it has been, and what a way to end it in Limone Sul Garda. One of my favorite villages in the whole world. It's the race that got me into Skyrunning and ever since I did my first race there two years ago, I felt like I had to go back!

This year the start field was stronger than ever, even to make it top fifteen would have been really difficult. So I had no goals but to perform as good as I could and just enjoy the race and to stand on the same starting line as my Dad, Uncle and my friend in the Salomon Team.

My body felt light and strong and I could almost follow Remi Bonnet up to the first summit. Davide Magini on the other hand just disappeared upp the first climb and led the race from start to finish. I could not follow Remi up to the second summit but I kept my pace and was careful not to blow up. My nutrition worked well with 4 Maurten 100 gels, 500ml water with 4 bags of Maurten 320 sportsdrink and I never felt like I was going to hit the wall, even though it was super hot day. 

Up the last climb I got company from Oriol Cardona Coll from Spain. I still felt good but I suddenly started to got som pain right under my front foot.  It was nothing wrong with it but I thought it was stone or something in my shoe that hurt more and more for every stepp. After a while it hurt so badly that I had to stop and take of my shoe. No stone fell out but when I felt inside it, I big rusty nail had penetrated right though the sole and up in my foot. I pulled it out but by this time, Oriol was already far ahead. I charged down the last climb and felt like I was gaining on him but I was a few seconds too late. 

Anyway, I finished 4th and I'm happy with that result and with my performance. 

In fifth place was Stain Angermund Vik, My Norwegian Salomon and sixth, Kilian Jornet.

After the finish, we all stayed by the lake, swimmed, chatted about the race and I waited until my Father, Uncle Bo and Lars had finished. It was so cool to have them with me on this race!

In the evening we went for a izza before the Price ceremoni. With my good result in Limone, I climbed to second place in the Skyrunning Classic Series behind Pascal Egli (Team Dynafit) and I finished 2nd in the Overall Ranking behind Kilian Jornet.

When the season started, I never could have imagined that it would have ended like this. To just stand on the same podium as Kilian has been a dream ever since I started following the Skyrunning series.

It's too bad that it is already over because I'm hungry for more and I'm already looking forward to the spring and to race again.  

So thanks to everybody who helped me during this season. Special thanks to the Salomon Running Team,The Skyrunning federation, Kilian, Stian, Stian, Philipp, Laura, André, Lina and Sanna!!

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