Getting ready for a new season


Last week, I was in Bruksvallarna with the Swedish national team for a training camp on snow. It was the first snow camp for the season and was good to get the feeling on the skis and to get some volume training. It was pretty good conditions but the track were just 1,8km so it got a bit boring after a while. Either way, I felt like I got good training and I’m really looking forward to kick of the ski season.

Now I’m back in Åre. There is still some snow but no ski tracks yet. So until our next camp next week I will focus on getting some recovery, strength and intervalls up Åreskutan. My family also come to visit during the weekend. Super nice to meet them again!

On Wednesday we will go back to Bruksvallarna with the national team. We will be there until the races the weekend after and hopefully there will be some more snow this time.

Getting psyched!