During, before and after longer competitions and high intensity training, I always use carbohydrates in form of sports drink and gels. 

I have tried a lot of different products but I have never found a sports drink that I want to use every week. Mostly because of the taste but also because of the feeling in the stomach and the body. When I was younger, I always used water with honey because I didn’t like the bad and artificial taste from most sports drink.

Then I found Maurten from Göteborg Sweden with hydrogen. It has been used by some of the world best marathon/half marathon runners like Eliud Kipchoge and Mo Farah and for me it has been a revolution. With its natural taste and high energy it has been a real eye opener for me and I suddenly want to use energy during, before and after competitions and interval training. I can really feel and see the difference in performance on the treadmill and I can much my self even more during competitions, both on skis and in the mountains.


How I use Maurten


Depending of the length of the race or session, I combine the different Maurten products. During 20-35K sky races, with a duration of 2,5-4hours I bring 0,5-1 liters of water with 3-6 bags of Drink Mix 320 with some salt and 2-3 100Gels. I drink often but just smal sips from the soft flask to constantly get energy but make it easy for the stomach to absorb the energy. And every hour I take a gel.

During cross country races 30-50K I also use 320 drink mix with some salt. How much depending on the race but I mix 2 bags to 1l of water.

When I have a high intensity session or thresholds between 30-60 minutes, I like to only use the 160Mix during and 320 after to get fast recovery after the session.