Hi.It has been an intense and challenging month in many ways. First was Zegama Aizkorri on June 2nd. Then I went home for my brothers graduation and to train for Livigno Skymarathon and Mont Blanc Marathon. The recovery after Zegama was quicker than expected and I got some good training in Åre before going to Livigno  I was really looking forward to the race and my goal was to defend my victory from last year.

But unlike last year, when I was in Livigno 2 weeks before the race, I travelled down just 4 days before the race and didn’t have time at all to acclimatise. A decision that later would have high consequences during the race. What was more fun this year was that this time, my father traveled with me to Livigno to race as well

Due to a lot of snow in Livigno they changed the course so we didn’t run up on the ridge to 3000m like last year, which was sad but the alternative course was also really nice!


Gear, nutrition and statistics


Salomon S/LAB Speed 2 –  I eventually went for the speed 2 because of the really good grip in wet conditions. There was a lot of snow and water in the decent so the extra gip was really good to have.

Salomon NSO Tee- Light weight and quick dry material when you go from warmer to cooler conditions and don’t want to freeze. 

Salomon NSO Mid Tights – The mid tights gives good ventilation and comfort both in the wormer conditions in the valley and up in the mountains in high altitude, snow and colder temperature. Pockets on the side for the gels and NSO technology.

Salomon Pulse  Belt – I wanted to try to run without the bag this race and it worked fine. Could easily carry all my gear and a 500ml soft flask and gels. 

Salomon S/Lab Light jacket (Mandatory)

Phone (Mandatory)

1x500ml Soft flask

Hat (Mandatory)

Hestra Gloves

Salomon Junko Glasses


Moonvalley Sportsdrink

Moonvalley energy bar (Before start)

Maurten Gel100


The Race

The race started at 08:00 on Saturday morning. I was a bit tiered from the start but felt ok in the beginning of the climb. But when the lactate came I struggled really hard. I slowed down but the pain in the legs didn’t want to go away. I started to walk a bit, something I rarely do but my legs did not want to recover and it was hard to breath. I was about a minute after the leader on the top of the first climb on 6th position. I cached my breath in the downhill and gained some positions. Then there was a long flat part part around the Lake to the second long climb. In that part my legs and body just died. I tried to push trough it but my energy left me. I took a gel but I could not swallow it and the water I drank didn’t give my any new energy. I pushed all the way to the summit on the second climb but after that I was so tiered that I had to hike for a long time before I could start running again.

This race was a big set back for me and I was really disappointed after the race. I learned a hard lesson about acclimatisation and the next time I race in high altitude I know that I must go there 10 days or more before the race! For Pikes Peak Marathon, that starts at 2200m we will be there 12 days before the race so hopefully I will be more ready.

The good part was that I did this trip with my dad and we had a nice time together! I Also spent some time with my team mate and friend Mimmi Kotka and her husband Toni. So nice to meet them again and to talk about running, Moonvalley and a lot of other things! I stayed in Livigno for 10 days after the race to get some altitude training before Mont Blanc Marathon and then traveled to Chamonix.