Sierre Zinal


Last weekend was the fourth stage in the Golden Trail Series, Sierre Zinal in Switzerland. I had a great feeling after Fjällmaraton and I spend a couple of days in Charmey, visititng my Team Mate Remi Bonnet. Charmey most be one of the most beatufull places I have been to, it was like a post card. We did some really good session together and then we traveled to Sierre Zinal to meet the rest of the Salomon Team.

Like the name, it starts in the village of Sierre and finish in Zinal. It is one of the most prestigious mountainrunning/trailrunning races in the world and this ears edition was probably the most competitive race in the world. Some of the strongest names was Kilian Jornet, Jim Wamsley, Petru Mamu among many other. I was so competetive that my goal before the race was just fo finish top 30.

The course starts with a long uphill and then gradually flats out before the last decent to Zinal.The trail is not technical at all so that is why so many runners from different disciplines and countries participate. Its a race where many runners from Mountain running, trailrunning, Skyrunning, Origentering and road can meet see who is the best


Gear, nutrition and statistics


Salomon S/lab Sense 7

New Salomon S/lab Sense Tank

Salomon S/lab sense Shorts 4

Salomon S/lab boxer

Suunto 9 Baro and heart rate monitor

Oakley Radar Ev


Moonvalley Sportsdrink

Moonvalley energy bar (Before start)

Maurten Gel100


The Race

I felt good from the start but I decided to keep my own pace from the beginning, not following the fastes guy. I wanted to save my legs and energy for the last 15K and hope to catch the others later into the race. My plan worked pretty well but I could not run as fast as I had hoped on the flatter parts, the other guys was really strong! But I managed to gain some positions in the final uphills and in the descent to Zinal. I sprinted against my Team Mate Jakob Adkin and finished 18th with the time 2:40:41. Sierre Zinal was a rally cool race, great atmosphere and I really want to come back next year and do it even better. I need to be faster on the flat and imrove my uphill even more to be able to compete with the best. I’m  Super impressed and inspired by Kilian Jornet who beat the previous course record with over 3 minutes. 

Link to Race


Golden Trail Series

Thanks Salomon team for all suport during the race. Next race is Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado Springs on August 25th.

Pics by Me, Martina Valmassoi,  Jordi Saragossa and Philip Reiter