A small update from Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado. It was my first time in USA, its a strange country but I really liked it. All the people we met were super friendly and nice and the town of Colorado Springs was great. Remi Bonnet and I traveled over to Colorado right after Sierre Zinal to acclimatise for the altitude.  Manitou Springs is 2000m above sea level but the top of Pikes Peak is at 4303m so the acclimatisation was really important. We did some trips up to Pikes Peak before the race and it was really hard to breath. But the last time we went up it didn’t feel so bad and I was able to run like normal.

Pikes Peak Marathon Starts in Manitou Springs and follow the Barr Trail for 21K up to the top of Pikes Peak. On the top, we turn around and run the same trail down 21K to Manitou.



Gear, nutrition and statistics


Salomon Prototype shoe

Salomon S/lab Sense Tee       

Salomon S/lab NSO Half tights

Suunto 9 Baro and heart rate monitor

1x500ml Soft flask


Moonvalley Sportsdrink

Moonvalley energy bar (Before start)

Maurten Gel100


The Race

The race started 07:30 and it was full speed from the start. I had off course huge respect for the altitude so I kept my pace and didn’t push over threshold.  My plan was to be able to have the same pace at the top and not blow up. Along the way, I passed runners all the time and felt better and better. On the top of Pikes Peak I was on 13th position. I passed 3 more runners in the downhill and it felt like I was flying. But the downhill was long and brutal and at the end my legs was hurting rally bad, but of course it was like that for everyone. I was on my way to make top 10 but in the last K, Both Fransesco Puppi and Christian Gering pased me. I had the 7 fastest time in the descent and 12 position is still a super good result and I’m happy about that!

Big congrats to the king Kilian Jornet!

I’m now on 13th position in the overall ranking in the Golden Trail Series. I’m still have a chance to make it in the top 10 but it will be really tough and I will have to do a really strong race in Ring of Steall in Scotland to make it to the final in Nepal.


Race Info

Golden Trail Series

Pics by Martina Valmassoi and Philiph Reiter