Ring of Steall Skyrace


Last weekend was Ring Of Steall Skyrace in Glen Coe, Scotland, the last stage of the Golden Trail Series. It was my first time in Scotland and it was a really beautiful country with a lot of nice mountains. Scotland is not known for the nice weather but luckily, we had sunshine all weekend. 

Ring of Steall is 28km, and 2700m of elevation with a lot of mud, technical trails and exposed ridges. Its real Skyrunning!

My legs felt good before the race and I felt really excited. Sice Pikes Peak, I have pretty much only been roller skiing to recover my legs, and it seems to have worked pretty well. 


Gear, nutrition and statistics


Salomon S/lab Sense Prototype Shoe

Salomon S/lab Sense 5 set Bag with whistle

Salomon S/lab NSO Tee

Salomon S/lab sense Shorts 4

Salomon S/lab Boxer

Suunto 9 Baro and heart rate monitor

2x500ml Soft flask

Oakley Radar Ev

Petzl Actic core (Mandatory Equipment)

Emergency bag (Mandatory Equipment)

Salomon S/lab sense 360 Pants (Mandatory Equipment)

Salomon S/lab sense 360 Jacket (Mandatory Equipment)

Hestra Gloves Ergo Grip (Mandatory Equipment)

Hat (Mandatory Equipment

Map (Mandatory Equipment)


Moonvalley Sportsdrink

Maurten Gel100 with Caffein

Moonvalley energy bar (Before start)


The Race

This will be a quite short race report, because I’m pretty disappointed about the race in general. My feeling did niot lie, my legs felt much better than previus races. I could follow the fron easely the first climb and everything was good. Up on the first ridge, thing started to go wrong. I took a wrong path because I did not see the red markings. I had to run back and lost over 2min and a couple of positions. In desperation and frustration, I sprinted to make up some time. In the first downhill, the energy quickly started too run out and my legs was really sore. 

So already halfway, I started to “hit the wall” and the rest of the race was just survival. I ran slower and slower and lost more positions. I finally fished on 11th place, far behind Nadir who won the race.  SO I did not qualify for the finals in the Golden Trail Series but this summer has been a great learning experience for me and I had so much fun doing this races. Thanks to Salomon Running for all the suport and congratulations to all the runner who qualified!


Pics by Martina Valmassoi and Jordi Saragossa