My name is Petter and I'm a professional cross country skier and mountain runner from Åre. 

I love to be in the mountains, discover new places, meet friends and push my limits.

My life is spent to pursuit and fighting for my drams


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About Me:

Born: Falun 1994

Heigh: 170cm

Weight: 60kg

Coach: Magnar Dalen

Team: Östersund SK and Sportsgym SC/Team Salomon

Training: 1100 h/year

Other Interests: Ski-Mountainering, Photography, Music and architecture


About Petter


Name: Petter Engdahl

Born: 1994 in Falun, Sweden

City of residence: Åre

Profession: Skier and runner

Heigh: 170

Weight: 60

Coach: Magnar Dalen

Club/Team: Östersund SK and Sportsgym SC/Team Salomon

Training: 1100 h/year

Music I listen to: Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Coldplay mm

Other Interests: Ski-Mountainering, Photography, Guitar, Music, architecture and computers







5th Intersport Cup Idre, 16K

2nd HalvBirken

10th National Championship 50K

2nd Volkswagen Tour


1st FIS-race Östersund 15K

9th Swedish National Championship Skiathlon 30K, Silver U23

20 Statoil Norwegian cup, Åsen, 30K

8th Swedish National Championship 50K

16th  Norwegian National Championship 50K

1st Tre topper Gålå

2nd Fjälltoppsloppet 35K

1st Orsa Hillclimb

Trail Running


1st Peak Performance Vertical K

2nd AXA Fjällmaraton

8th Drei Zinnen Alpine Run

6th Limone Extreme Vertical

14th Limone Extreme Skyrace


1st Hellrace

1st Salomon 27K

1st Peak Performance Vertical K

5th Matterhorn Ultraks 46K

5th European Skyrunning Championship Vertical

5th Limone Extreme Skyrace