Petter Engdahl

Born: 1994 in Falun

City of residence: Åre

Profession: Skiing and running

Club/Team: Team Bauhaus, Ski Team Sweden, Salomon Running, Sportsgym SC and Östersund SK

Coach: Magnar Dalen and Mattias Nilsson

Length: 170cm

Weight: 59kg

Other Interests: Photography, skimountenering, architecture, music

People I look up to: Kilian Jornet


Early Life

I grew up in Torsång outside of Borlänge. I have always had a lot of energy and loved to be outside. I'm happy that my parents took me skiing from an early age. Some of my happiest memories from when I was young is when my family rented a small hut in Lillehammer where we skied every day in the mountains.


Between the age of 9 and 16 I competed in many verity of sports. Like track and field, football and ice hockey. But cross country skiing was the sport I liked the most and my biggest idols at the time were Anders Södergren, Per Elofsson and Petter Northug. I was far from a good skier but I wanted to get better and I climbed in the results list for every season. I loved to compete and to train and became more and more motivated. When I was 16 years old I finished 6th in the Youth National Championship in Sprint.

Åre Ski Academy

I was 16 when I decided to move from home to start Åre Ski Academy in Järpen. I was so exited to move to a new place, meet new friends and focus on training and improve even more. But during my first years in Järpen I struggled with sickness and I didn't compete at all during my first season as a Junior. In my second year  I manage to stay a bit more healthy and I got good results in sprint in Swedish national cup. When I started 4th year in Järpen I did some big changes in my training, diet and lifestyle. I manage to stay more healthy by thinking more about what I ate, hours of sleep and being outside in the nature. I had such a good time in Järpen, met some of the best people I know and we did a lot of fun.

Train Eat Sleep

When I graduated from school I decided to not look into any further studies but to try to focus only on my training and competing. I moved to Vålådalen Mountain station where I worked one day a week for food and bed.  It was also the year I started to compete in trail running and I fell in love with the sport.


I’m currently a professional athlete and compete in cross country skiing during the winter and mountain running during the summer.

Living as a professional, only focusing on training, competing and recovery could only we possible with the help from my sponsors,  Magnar Dalen and of course my family. Through skiing and running I get to discover the most beautiful places get to know people from all over the world with the same passion. I have Åre as a base between competitions and training camps and there is no other place I would rather live in right now. I have come to love the smal village, the mountain of Åreskutan and the nature surrounding it


Today, my goal is to keep working towards becoming a world class athlete, representing Sweden in championships and world cups. I want to continue compete in both mountain running and skiing.


Cross Country Skiing


1st Lima Skate marathon

10th Statoil Norwegian Cup Åsen 15K

11th Scandinavian Cup Trondheim 15K

23rd World Cup Holmenkollen 50K

4th National Championship 30K

3rd Fjälltoppsloppet 35K


9th Swedish National Championship 30K

8th Swedish National Championship 50K

16th Norwegian National Championship 50K

1st Tre Topper Gålå

2nd Fjälltoppsloppet

1st Orsa Hill Climb


2nd Volswagen Tour

2nd HalvBirken

10th Swedish National Championship 50K

1st FIS Race Östersund

2nd Dundret Hill Climb

Trail Running


1st Living Sky Marathon

8th Dolomyths VK

9th Dolomyth Skyrace

3rd Skyrace Coma Pedrosa

2nd Peak Performence Vertical K

6th Trofeo KIMA


1st Hellrace

1st Peak Performance Vertical K

1st Salomon 27K

5th Matterhorn Ultraks 49K

5th European Skyrunning Championship VK

5th Limone Skyrace


1st Peak Performance Vertical K

2nd AXA Fjällmaraton

6th Limone Extreme Vertical

14th Limone Skyrace

8th Drei Zinnen Alpine Run